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My name is Andres Llano and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. Two years ago I took a 2nd-year Medieval Philosophy course that Shane was also enrolled in, and I met him in our tutorial for that class. We only spoke on a few occasions, but I often saw him at Mass on campus at St. Basil's Church. Although I cannot say that I knew Shane well, when I found out today that he passed away in May, I was left speechless. From the brief interactions I had with him, my immediate impression was that he was a genuinely kind and honest person. His sincerity and warmth was evident from the first moments, and I truly wish I had been able to get to know him better.
I am deeply sorry for your loss, but I want you to know that Shane left a lasting impression on me, his fellow classmate. I will remember him in my prayers, taking comfort in knowing that someone like him is surely now with God in heaven. I hope you can find comfort in this as well.
Andres Llano
I was very fortunate to have been one of Shane's teachers when he was in middle school in Charlotte. He was passionate about reading and writing, and every interaction with him was a sunburst of light and energy. He shone so brightly. I am deeply grateful to have known him. 
— Leslie Williams
I remember Shane well from his days at the Shelburne Supermarket where he worked as a cashier during the summer. During check out I chatted with him a number of times, where he shared his University of Toronto experiences and his love for certain teachers who had inspired him in high school. On my frequent visits to SS I always overheard Shane's lively exchanges with customers and employees. I remember marveling at how funny, witty, smart and kind he was. He was so quick, nothing escaped his bright attention. My daughter did not go to high school with Shane, but she has fond memories of their primary school days at our local school. He was such a special boy.
— Liz DesLauriers
Shane, words don't do it. I just had to pass you in a hall, on a sidewalk. Your warmth, passion and kindness were constant and remarkable. I believe in my heart that you are carrying on in your journey. Til we meet again, so very fondly,
Mrs. Leckerling :)
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