Photo: Kelly Library | Sept. 13, 2019 | Aloysius Wong

Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan.
I only got to know and have the pleasure of knowing Shane for a shorter period of time than most. I met Shane in January, and even though that was of this year, he still had a very profound impact on me.
We were set to be roommates at the start of this semester. We were all going to be staying in an apartment—not entirely true, as Shane was [set] to go to Scotland as part of an exchange program. He was very happy, very proud to be accepted in. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to spending my time with him.
We often talked about tradition with Shane, and Shane does strike a lot of people as a more traditional man, but there’s a complexity, though with Shane—there’s a complexity always with Shane. He was always willing to start new traditions as well—always willing to enjoy in new things in order to make them last. 
That’s how I feel when I think of Shane now. He was always wanting to inspire you and give you memories to hold daily. He was c-. Sorry, haha. He was a very well-spirited man—had a great presence about him. Always willing to engage in a debate, but not out of any maliciousness; [rather,] out of a quest for knowledge. But he was always willing to listen—seems a little contradictory. 
But I think in the end, that’s what makes Shane so unique. We’re all here today because we knew Shane, and it can be hard to sum up someone this big and had such a meaningful impact as Shane in one and a half minutes, but I’m trying my best. It can be confusing sometimes, looking back and thinking about everything that’s happened…how he’s not here with us today. It can be hard thinking about how to move on and how the future has changed. 
But regardless, one thing we can’t forget about Shane is his wonderful sense of humor. His sharp wit, and how he was always committed to making you smile. So, I’d like to share with you a tweet of Shane’s [LAUGHTER], one that is if anything a little too pertinent.
On 12:12 PM, on April 4th, Shane tweeted: 
“If I die in mysterious circumstances please make a wild and unbelievable conspiracy theory around my death”
So, I would like to say thank you all for coming here. I’m very happy that everyone cared about Shane as much as I did. And I will never forgive the Illuminati and the CIA. [LAUGHTER]
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