Love Shane with all my heart.  The most spiritful, smiley, jumpy human being ever. Thinking of him every time I come on St. Mike’s grounds.  What a wonderful soul.
— Mehwish Siddiqui
I am absolutely devastated at the thought of knowing Shane is not with us.  He was a beautiful soul.  He made everyone smile and always brightened our moods.  I will always remember Shane and the wonderful memories we shared. 
— Victoria
Every day I have thoughts of Shane and the wonder he had for the world. 
— Manda Vrkljan
I loved working with you.  You always were Joyful. 
— Kayla Greg
I will always cherish our memories in Italy and am thankful I got to meet Shane through the Gilson Seminar. 
— Stephanie
Shane, I loved your spirit and enthusiasm about faith, learning, community and family & friends.  I will cherish our memories in the Gilson Seminar and our time outside of class together.  Much love. 
— Hannah Mercer
Shane, I miss your lectures on history, theology and vegetables in the Canada Room.  I miss seeing you in Kelly with books or around St. Mike’s with The Mike.  
— Nicole Lim
I am a student who had the pleasure of being in the first Gilson Seminar with Shane.  Shane was nothing short of extraordinary.  A fine young man with a heart of gold and always a smile.  He will be missed.  My deepest condolences. 
— Victoria Lunetta
I recall many lunches and dinners in the Canada Room with Shane.  We went to sushi night and discussed and debated over gyoza.  I will try not to be sad that his is gone but find joy in the time that we were fortunate to have with him. 
— Stephen Shannon
Shane was so excited about books, especially old books.  We were thrilled to watch him be so thrilled to handle a 200-year-old book.  His passion and enthusiasm were contagious.  What a wonderful kid! 
— Caroline DiGiordanni
I am so, so sorry for your loss.  I feel extremely blessed to have know and learned from Shane.  I will always remember him as one who was full of the joy of the Lord. 
— Lara Connell
Shane, I’ll never forget your spirit and zest for life.  The conversations shared with you and times running into you will remain with me forever.  Thank you for your listening ear and for challenging us to think beyond how we thought we could.  
— Sabrina Q
I didn’t know Shane very well.  But he made quite an impression on me.  Thank you for inviting me to this reception.  Hearing the thoughts of those who knew him well was incredibly moving.  He is the clearest example of a life well lived that I know and remains an inspiration to us all.  You will remain in my prayers.  
— Mark Gatten
Dear Beal family,
May God bless you and give you peace and joy as Shane gave to us.  I have been a Don at St. Mike’s for the past few years and had the privilege of meeting Shane on a few occasions in the Canada Room and in the Laundry Room of Sorbara.  I only wish I could have spoken with him more.  He was well-loved and missed but will always inspire. 
— Adrian Ross
Honestly, there are few words to describe how impactful Shane has been to my life.  Few not because he was a little impact, but few because they would not do justice.  I can say that my confidence in my own opinion has greatened from just talking to him.  My condolences will never be enough but his influences flow through the roots of what it means to be at SMC. 
— U of T Student
Thanks again for raising such a brilliant young man.  We are all thinking of you and always here as your friends in Toronto.  Shane will continue to bring us joy and inspiration, reminding us to be our best selves no matter how far apart we may seem.  God bless you and all the best always. 
— Anna-Maria Maleshev
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